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Looking for source for "KDAT" deck lumber

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

From country to country or even from one area to another the wood that we build with is different. Here in Quebec we build out wood decks with pressure treated spruce or cedar, in other areas deck builders us woods like yellow pine or juniper or whatever woods they have available that are suitable for exterior use. Lumber is a natural resource and it changes from area to area depending on climate and what grown. But..... Here in Canada all or at least all that I can find of our treated wood is green wood (meaning not kiln dried). What this means is that all the wood we use on a treated wood deck is going to dry naturally once installed. And when that wood dries in is susceptible to curling, cupping, and dry splitting. This is avoided by having the wood pre-dry in a controlled environment (a kiln). KDAT (kiln dried after treatment) is readily available in the states, but hard or impossible to find here. Although the treated decks and pergolas and fences that we and other deck contractors build here are already beautiful. The crew at Espace Unik are actively trying to find a source for KDAT so we can raise the bar once more and offer our clients the best possible product.

Writen by: Andrew Robic (Espace Unik)

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